The Wyalusing Valley Wine Festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in September with a new logo, courtesy of a talented designer with treasured local ties. That logo will appear on tickets and future advertising and promotional materials for the 2014 edition being held on Saturday, Sept. 13, from noon until 5 p.m. behind the big red barn across from the Wyalusing Valley High School.

Former Wyalusing area resident, Rebecca “Becky” Hatton, a graphic artist and website designer living and working in the Scranton area, is the creative force behind the new symbol for the Wyalusing Valley Wine Festival. As a freelance designer and a fan and attendee of the wine fest, she enthusiastically offered to create the logo, as well as festival promotional materials, including a new website.

“The logo was a collaborative effort and combines abstract, minimalist and contemporary elements,” she explained. “We wanted something wine-related, but really felt the need to make it unmistakably Wyalusing. The Wyalusing Rocks and beautiful surrounding scenery are as iconic as it gets. Everyone recognizes them.”

The grounds where the Wyalusing Valley Wine Festival will return for its 10th anniversary year holds an even more special place in her heart. On Saturday, May 17th, she was married under the spreading branches of the big tree that presides over the grounds where the 2014 version of the wine fest will be held.

Becky returned as a child with her family to live near Camptown, the childhood home of her father, Peter Hatton, after he concluded a career in the U.S. Navy. Becky, who subsequently graduated from Wyalusing Valley High School, fell in love with this part of the scenic Endless Mountains, and she incorporated some of those impressions in the logo.

As she explains it:
“The mountains are represented by the bottle on its side, the river by the wine pouring out. All elements of the design came from hand-done renderings. The jagged edge of the river bottom is actually tracing of the vegetation growing on the banks. The rocks were first hand-drawn then digitally modified to strip them down to the basic shapes in the logo. The idea was for a minimal approach, so everything is flat colors and relatively simple shapes.”

Wyalusing Valley Museum Curator Morgan Clinton and Cathie Masters, member of the Wine Festival Committee, worked closely with Becky, and the logo colors are not what you might expect for a wine theme. They opted for blue and green set off by a handwriting script font that, as Becky puts it, “gives a friendly, homespun vibe.” Her creative efforts are being provided at a discounted fee combined with donated services.

The 10th annual Wyalusing Valley Wine Festival includes the invitation to “Come Sip along the Susquehanna.” Funds raised by the September 13 event help support the hosting Wyalusing Valley Museum and the various community projects of the Wyalusing Lions and Lioness.